11.05.19: "Superbooth19", Berlin

Peter Pichler performed at the "Superbooth19" in Berlin.

The auditorium was crowded with more than 500 interested visitors.


Thanks very much for your enthusiasm for the Trautonium!


Peter explained the Trautonium and the Mixture Trautonium and then put those unique Trautonium sounds to the brilliant documentary

"A Voyage to the Moon" (1975) by Manfred Durniok.

A very unusual documentary that Durniok cut solely from raw filmfootage by the NASA . He then let Oskar Sala put music to this documentary - only Trautonium sounds and music.

The film mainly consists of unknown space footage from the various moon-journeys the NASA did in their various space programs. 


Das Trautonium puts sound to Space!

Thank you very much to Michiko Teramoto.


And thank you very much to Andreas Schneider and the whole Superbooth-Team! It was a brilliant gig!