April 2019: Trautonium Tour, Australia

Peter Pichler and the Mixture Trautonium in Melbourne Australia
Peter Pichler and the Mixture Trautonium at Victoria Market in Melbourne Australia

Peter Pichler, is the only touring artist performing live on the Trautonium. Peter plays the original classical works. He also puts music to films live on stage and plays modern electronic music on his forefather of the synthesizer. For the first time in its 90-year history he takes the Trautonium on tour out of Europa and through Australia in April 2019.


Hier some samples of the different performances: 

Classical concert

Monash University Melbourne

Club Gig together with local artists

Bar 303 Melbourne

Film music performance "Metropolis"

Northbridge Piazza, Perth

WED 10.04.19; Perth

The first classical Trautonium Concert outside of Europe!

Thank you very much: WAAPA, ECU, TURA New Music and all the students that were curious and excited to take part in this wonderful concert. It was great working and performing with you all!



"Concert for Trautonium and string orchestra" (1931) by Paul Hindemith

"Sonata for Trautonium and Piano" (1949) by Harald Genzmer

"Suite de Danses pour Instruments Electroniques" (1958) by Harald Genzmer

"Bass Solo in F" (1938) by Harald Genzmer (arranged Trautonium and Orchester by Peter Pichler)

Improvisations with Trautonium and Piano to the film "A Voyage to the Moon" (1975) by Manfred Durniok.



Lindsay Vickery - Conductor

Patrick Meyer - Violin I

Aya Smith - Violin II

Amadea Foss, Hanae Wilding - Viola

Kaila Thomas - Cello

Oakley Paul - Double Bass

Thayla(?)  tbc. - Percussion


Thank you very much Rachael Barrett for most of the photos.

THU 11.04.19; PerTH

Open Trautonium Workshop for Electro-Freaks

The Artifactory in Perth is a brilliant creative and open-minded space for everybody. When in Perth do pop round and have a look. It is really a fantastic place for new discoveries with very warm and helpful people.

Thank you very much to all those wonderful people at the Artifactory for going out of your way to make us feel welcome and doing everything in your power to make this a fantastic workshop and also for taking us out for a drink and a chat. We really enjoyed meeting you all and being with you. And Thank You again to Meg Travers for organising this workshop for us.

SAT 13.04.19; PerTH

Silent Movie with live Trautonium Score "Metropolis" (1927) by Fritz Lang

David Downie is "the man" at Northbridge Piazza. Thank you very much for your interest in Peter and the Trautonium. A brilliant venue with lots of interested people lounging in the still wam Perth autumn night to hear and see this wonderful silent movie masterpiece "Metropolis" with live music from the first synthesizer, developed around the same time as the film. Both at the time very much ahead of their time and not very well received - however today it is a completely different story. A great evening! Thank you.

MON 15.04.19; Melbourne

Open Trautonium Workshop for Electro Freaks

The MESS in Melbourne is absolutely fantastic. To our knowledge it is the only collection of electronic music instruments of this substantial size where the instruments can really be used for projects and recordings. Become a MESS member and simply book to use all the wonderful synthesizers of the past. They really keep these instruments alive!

We had a wonderful workshop there with many interested electro-musicians who wanted to know all there is to know about the Trautonium.

TUE 16.04.19 + THU 18.04.19; Melbourne

Workshop and Concert with and for Music- and Composition students

Thank you very much to Cat Hope and Megan Burslem as well as Ryan Smith for inviting Peter for a short residency at Monash University. You have great and interested students that came to the workshop as well as hundreds of interested students that attended Peter's lunch concert  where he was accompanied by a university string ensemble and also by Thong Truong on the piano performing a sonata for Trautonium & Piano by Harald Genzmer together with Peter.



"Suite de Danses pour Instruments Electroniques" (1958) by Harald Genzmer

"Sonata for Trautonium and Piano" (1949) by Harald Genzmer

"Concert for Trautonium and string orchestra" (1931) by Paul Hindemith


"Concert for Trautonium and orchestra" (1952) by Harald Genzmer arranged for smaller ensemble by Peter Pichler

WED 17.04.2019; Melbourne

Solo Concert with showcasing all facets of the Trautonium  "From Post War Sound to Early Krautrock"

The Toff in Town in Melbourne is a brilliant venue with an unusual line up. If you are looking for new and interesting things, have a look at the Toff's gig guide. Thanks for having the courage to put on a show with Peter and the Trautonium. Thanks very much for being curious about it Graeme Pogson. 

Great venue, great audience and a very great technician, too. Thanks for all your help Simon Braxton.

THU 18.04.2019; Melbourne

"Trautoniks": an Electro-Improvisational-Evening with Vibraphone, Synthesizers and Trautonium

Great set-up! Wonderful fellow musicians and great crowd at Bar 303 in Northcote. Have a look at those guys! Michael Mildren, Ehsan Gelsi and Steve Williams. And thank you very much to Clan Analogue for making this event happen and to Rae Howell and Nick Wilson obviously for playing with Peter.

DI 23.04.2019; Canberra

Concert with  Workshop for and with Students

Thanks very much to the ANU Music School - to Alexander Hunter and Kim Cunio for inviting Peter to give a combined workshop / concert. And thanks also very much to the young musician and composer Ronan Apcar for accompanying Peter at the piano, playing the Concerto for Trautonium & String Orchestra by Paul Hindemith and a Sonata for Trautonium & Piano by Harald Genzmer.

WED 24.04.2019; Canberra

"The Birds" (1963) by Alfred Hitchcock live with Trautonium Score

Courtesy of Universal Music Group

The Last Performance of the tour: A full house at the NFSA (National Film and Sound Archive of Australia) performing the "soundtrack" to "The Birds" (1963) by Alfred Hitchcock live with the Trautonium. Thank you very much to Jan Müller and Karina Libbey for inviting Peter to play and thank you to the Universal Music Group for allowing him to do so.


For further information on the tour and about Peter's work please contact: 

Pamela Rachholz

tel. +49 174 342 06 45


the tour is supported by:

Harald Genzmer Stiftung