Trautonium-Tour October 2016

A Picture Story

9th October 2016; Frankfurt

Horray! Classical, electronic music is alive! The Trautonium has returned home! All of Hindemith's Trautonium works Performer in one concert in his house - on one evening… phantastic - mystical - thrilling. A dream come true!

A huge thank you to the Hindemith Institut for the invitation. Special thanks to Susanne Schaal-Gotthardt and Karin Berrío.

Three cheers to Jan Polívka at the piano. The man with one thousend fingers accompanies with easy playfulness Scores and let's us experience all orchester instruements… Knowbody knows how he does that. Brilliant!

15th October 2016; Munich

Peter Pichler accompanies the Exhibition for applied arts" at the Galerie Bezirk Oberbayern in Munich during the "Lange Nacht der Museen". 

22nd October 2016; Potsdam

Sold out...The Filmmuseum Potsdam, where Peter plays live on the Mixturtrautonium "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock.

23rd October 2016; Berlin

Putting original Trautonium Sound to Alfred Ehrhardt's film "Korallen - Skulpturen der Meere" and photo series. Thank you for the invitation to Alfred-Ehrhardt foundation.

29th October 2016; Bremerhaven

"A Voyage to the Moon" by Manfred Durniok. Live at the Passage Cinema in Bremerhaven.

As appetizer a film-medley from various Trautonium-Soundtrack-Blockblusters.

30th October 2016; Oldenburg

Trautonium conzert at the Festivals "25 Jahre Oh-Ton" in Oldenburg.

A wonderful Sunday at the Exerzierhalle.

31st October 2016; Hamburg

Trautonium concert and talk in cooperation with the University for Music an Theater and the University for Applied Science, Hamburg.