Peter Pichler performs the classical works that have been composed for Trautonium in the early 20th century as well as New Music composed by young composers - in particular female composers - for Trautonium in the last years.

Classical Repertoire for Trautonium and New Music

Paul Hindemith 

1930: "Des Elektromusikers Lieblinge" Trios für 3 Trautonien (gespielt mit: Trautonium mit Loopmachine)

1931: "Concertino für Trautonium mit Begleitung des Streichorchesters" (auch mit Streichquintett)

1935: "Langsames Stück und Rondo" für Mixturtrautonium solo


Harald Genzmer

1938: "Konzert für Trautonium und Orchester"

1938: "Bass Solo in F" (Bearbeitung mit Orchester)

1949: Zwei "Sonaten für Trautonium und Piano"

1952: "Konzert für Mixturtrautonium und großes Orchester" (Bearbeitung: auch in kleiner Besetzung möglich)

1958: "Suite des Danses pour Instruments Electroniques" für Mixturtrautonium und Loopmachine

1968: "Suite für Trautonium und Sopran"


Manuela Kerer

2016: "Feuernde Seele" für Mixturtrautonium und Orchester (auch in kleiner Besetzung möglich)


Dganit Elyakim

2019: "PlagiaRhythm" für Mixturtrautonium und gemischtes Ensemble (Violine, Viola, Cello, Kontrabass, Klavier, Percussion, Oboe)


Snezana Nesic

2019: "Tristia" für Mixturtrautonium und gemischtes Ensemble (Violine, Viola, Cello, Kontrabass, Klavier, Percussion, Oboe)


Alexander F. Müller

2019: "Missed Extiction" für Mixturtrautonium und gemischtes Ensemble (Violine, Viola, Cello, Kontrabass, Klavier, Percussion, Oboe)


20th Oct.2017: Trautonium Concert at Gasteig, Munich

Peter Pichler & Ensemble take you on an journey to the origins of electronic music during the festival DigitalAnalog in Munich.


Electronic music from its beginnings around 1930 until today - performed live on the Trautonium. Classical music from back then and modern music from today.


Beginn: 9.30 p.m.

Gasteig, München

Carl-Orff Saal



Peter Pichler - Mixturtrautonium

Andrea Traber - Violin

Martin Lickleder - Violin

Oscar Merchan Alba - Viola

Margarita Holzbauer - Violoncello

Georg Karger - Double Bass

Jan Kahlert - Percussion


Fotos: Gaby Spengler

13th Dec.2017: Trautonium Concert in Hitler's ex-office

Peter Pichler talks in the course of the lecture-series "Musik im Diskurs" about the history of the Trautonium and plays original works for this forefather of the sythesizer live at the Mixture Trautonium. 

Due to the celebrations for Harald Genzmer's 10th anniversary of death, he focusses on this composer's important influence on electronic music. Many compositions of Genzmer for Trautonium are unknown or have never been recorded.


Pichler recently published a CD with those  works, some of which you can experience live on this "journey to the origins of electronic music". In this very room, in which Hitler agreed the "Munich treaty" with France and Great Britain in 1938, the Trautonium, an instrument rejected by the Nazi regime, now celebrates the triumph of music.

09th Oct. 2016: Hindemith Institut Frankfurt

Live performance of all Trautonium works by Paul Hindemith on one evening in his old living room in Frankfurt: the "Kuhhirtenturm" 


By invitation of the Hindemith Institut. 


Accompaniment: Jan Polivka, Piano

29. Oct. 2016: Oh-Ton Festival Oldenburg

Trautonium Concert at the  

"25 years Oh-Ton"- festival

in Oldenburg.


With works by Hindemith, Genzmer and Live-Filmsoundtracks.


Accompaniment: Jan Kahlert; Volkstrautonium, E-percussion

16.07.2017 Orchester Konzert Kempten

Sommerkonzert des Orchestervereins Kempten Uraufführung des Werks für Mixturtrautonium und Orchester "Feuernde Seele" (2016) von Manuela Kerer;

Konzertstück für Trautonium und Orchester (1931) von Paul Hindemith


Bayerischer Rundfunk Studio 1

Concert with members of the Bavarian Broadcasting Orchestra.

Festival "DigitalAnalog", München

Trautonium Performances at the festival "Digital Analog".

At the other Trautoniums: Tschinge Krenn and Jan Kahlert.