11.02.2017: CD Release Session

Optimal Records

Kolosseumstraße 6

80469 München



A Trautonium Session to the origins of electronic music.

With works from the CD and live "Ur-Techno" compositions. 


24th + 25th March 2017: "Good Vibrations"

A special exhibitioins "Good Vibrations" presents the history and development of electronic instruments. Peter Pichler accompanies the Vernissage and hold a workshop on the Trautonium.

24.3.2017 "Vernissage"

A brilliant exhibition: "Good Vibrations". A MUST SEE, when in Berlin!

Packed with guests between 8 and 88 years. Wonderful to be playing the Trautonium in its "home city".

25.3.2017 "Workshop Trautonium"

A fully booked workshop with very interested guests. Had a lot of fun! Thank you!

28th Aril 2017: "A Journey to the Origins of Electronic Music" - Erding

Peter Pichler played unpublished and forgotten works for mixture trautonium. 

accompanied by orchestra, piano or two other trautoniums.



Andrea Traber - Violin, Piano; Margarita Holzbauer - Violoncello; Oscar Merchan Alba - Viola; Martin Lickleder - Violin; René Haderer - Double Bass; Tschinge Krenn - Volkstrautonium; Jan Kahlert - Volkstrautonium, Percussion


Many Thanks to the KMS Erding and especially to Erich Rumler for the wonderful concert photos!

06th+07th May 17: Film live accompaniment - Frankfurt

Peter Pichler performs twice at the German Filminstitut in Frankfurt.

06th May 17: The "Long Night of the Museums" in Frankfurt

Peter Pichler accompanies live with his Mixture Trautonium a film-medley with various scenes of films, that have an original Trautonium soundtrack.


Many Thanks to Frauke Haß and Marie Luise Brüggemann, as well as the whole technical team!

07th May 17: "Salomé" (1923) by Charles Bryant

Peter Pichler set to music for the first time the silent film classic  "Salomé" (1923) by Charles Bryant live at his Mixture Trautonium.


Der Film was a shock to the moral values of the 1920s average American. As were the new and unheard of sounds of the new electronic instrument: The Trautonium.


Both, film and instrument, mark the start of a new ear at that time.


After the film Peter Pichler explained the background of the Trautonium. 

Many Thanks to Andreas Beilharz and the wonderfully helpful projectionists!