09th Oct. 2016: Hindemith Institut Frankfurt

Live performance of all Trautonium works by Paul Hindemith on one evening in his old living room in Frankfurt: the "Kuhhirtenturm" 


By invitation of the Hindemith Institut. 


Accompaniment: Jan Polivka, Piano

29. Oct. 2016: Oh-Ton Festival Oldenburg

Trautonium Concert at the  

"25 years Oh-Ton"- festival

in Oldenburg.


With works by Hindemith, Genzmer and Live-Filmsoundtracks.


Accompaniment: Jan Kahlert; Volkstrautonium, E-percussion

22. Oct 2016; Filmmuseum Potsdam

Sold out...The Filmmuseum Potsdam. Playing live on the Mixturtrautonium to  "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock.

16th July .2016 Orchester Concert Kempten

Sommerkonzert des Orchestervereins Kempten Uraufführung des Werks für Mixturtrautonium und Orchester "Feuernde Seele" (2016) von Manuela Kerer;

Konzertstück für Trautonium und Orchester (1931) von Paul Hindemith

Trautonium Works by Paul Hindemith and Manuela Kerer (World Premiere!) with the "Orchesterverein Kempten".


Summer concert of the  Orchestervereins Kempten. Works by Paul Hindemith together with the orchester and the world premiere of a new piece for Mixture Trautonium and Orchestra by Manuela Kerer "Feuernde Seele"