25.06.2017: Ur-Aufführung "Germany Year 2071"

Peter Pichlers accompanies the world premiere of the film "Germany Year 2071" by the Nature Theater of Oklahoma during the Impulse Theater Festival in Cologne.


It is the year 2071: The German nation is on the verge of social and economic collapse, revolutions come and go like summer storms. Aliens are first given a friendly welcome, then processed into sausages. Child-rearing until working age is conducted in Greek colonies and emotions have been replaced with emojis: the epic retro science fiction film ‘Germany Year 2071’ portrays a dark and at the same time quirkily comic picture of a new, old, utopian, dystopian, nostalgic, futuristic city which is clearly reminiscent of Federal West Germany in the years after the Second World War. It was filmed with many local participants during the Impulse Theater Festival 2016 against the modernistic background of Cologne and in a series of building sites in Berlin.


Thanks for this wonderful project to the IMPULSE Theater Festival, Andreas Bick (Composer) and The Nature Theater of Oklahoma.

Begin 19.30 Uhr


WDR Funkhaus

Wallraffplatz 5

Großer Sendesaal

50667 Köln


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