25.10.2018: "SinusTon" Festival, Magdeburg

This year's "SinusTon" festival for electro-accoustic music started with Peter Pichler's live performance of  the avantgarde silent film classic "Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari" (1920). Peter puts live music to this very early psycho-thriller with his Mixture Trautonium.

Like this film the instrument challenged the normal listening habits of people at that time. It was immensely progressive.

Peter used the extraordinary and slightly off sound creations of his instrument to impose upon us the strange plot and setting of the film.  


Prior to the movie he explained a little bit about the Trautonium and demonstrated some first electronic compositions for it... Techno?…. yes … but from 1958.


The old and venerable OLi-cinema from 1936 was prepared for everything. :-) (see right)



Olvenstedter Str. 25A

39108  Magdeburg