13th Dec. 2017: Trautonium Concert in Hitler's ex-office

Peter Pichler talks in the course of the lecture-series "Musik im Diskurs" about the history of the Trautonium and plays original works for this forefather of the sythesizer live at the Mixture Trautonium. 


Due to the celebrations for Harald Genzmer's 10th anniversary of death, he focusses on this composer's important influence on electronic music. Many compositions of Genzmer for Trautonium are unknown or have never been recorded.


Pichler recently published a CD with those  works, some of which you can experience live on this "journey to the origins of electronic music". In this very room, in which Hitler agreed the "Munich treaty" with France and Great Britain in 1938, the Trautonium, an instrument rejected by the Nazi regime, now celebrates the triumph of music.


Musikhochschule München

Kaminzimmer (Z.105)

Arcisstraße 12

80333 München