06th+07th May 17: Film live accompaniment - Frankfurt

Peter Pichler performs twice at the German Filminstitut in Frankfurt.

06th May 17: The "Long Night of the Museums" in Frankfurt

Peter Pichler accompanies live with his Mixture Trautonium a film-medley with various scenes of films, that have an original Trautonium soundtrack.


Deutsches Filminstitut

Schaumainkai 41

60594 Frankfurt


Performances at:

07.30 p.m.

09.30 p.m.

11.30 p.m.

01.30 a.m.


The whole programme and further information about the "Long Night of the Museums" you can find here.

07th May 17: "Salomé" (1923) by Charles Bryant

Peter Pichler sets to music for the first time the silent film classic  "Salomé" (1923) by Charles Bryant live at his Mixture Trautonium.


Der Film was a shock to the moral values of the 1920s average American. As were the new and unheard of sounds of the new electronic instrument: The Trautonium.


Both, film and instrument, mark the start of a new ear at that time.


Deutsches Filminstitut

Schaumainkai 41

60594 Frankfurt


Begin: 05.30 p.m.


After the film Peter Pichler explains the background of the Trautonium. 


Tickets can be booked here:


Deutsches Filmmuseum


Di – So 10 Uhr bis 20 Uhr

Tel.: +49 (0)69 961 220 – 220