03rd March 18: Radio-Feature "Artists recycle Faust"

Peter Pichler discovers as part of the "Faust-Festival Munich" a modern portrait of the figure and the topic "Faust" and what meaning it has for music today.

Trautonium Music by Peter Pichler.


What does "Faust" mean for pop music ? Why are contemporary artists still fascinated with this character, who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge and power? The eternal conflict of guilt and redemption – can any parallels be drawn to our present time? And what is today´s sound of "Faust" as text, in music and as work of art.


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03.03.2018 from 01:05 pm on Bayern 2 Kultur

04.03.2018 from  09:05 pm on Bayern 2 Kultur


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