Here you will find all current projects by Peter Pichler and his Trautonium and selected performances and references of the past.

New CD



Label: Paladino Music, Vienna


Peter Pichler and his Mixture Trautonium succeed in conveying the all mixed up feelings and ambivalent atmosphere characterising those post war times - with all its devastating hopelessness and yet the euphoria of a new beginning - that Harald Genzmer put into his extraordinary works.


The CD mostly contains previously unpublished works for Mixture Trautonium by Harald Genzmer.


A musical treasure!

Many thanks to Marcus Faul (Harald-Genzmer-Stiftung), Bernd Scheumaier, Peter Hackel, Erich Rummler, Dieter Döpfer, Stephan Hofer, Johann Jürgen Koch, Christine Söring, Gunter Steffen, Petra Blechschmidt, Selina und Sabine Regler, Deutsches Museum München.