Peter Pichler   -   Trautonium

PETER PICHLER from Munich is one of the few musicians today, who masters the  Trautonium or Mixture-Trautonium. Due to his classical musical education he is able to use this fore-farther of the synthesizer in various musical genres.

PICHLER plays the contemporary literature by Paul Hindemith, Harald Genzmer and others. Many works have been composed especially for this instrument. As it is extremely complex this music is only playable with Trautonium. Very special performances can be experienced with the Trautonium at live Filmsoundtrack Events, as this instrument can generate innumerable special sound effects as well as melody.  For modern art installations Peter Pichler also uses the Trautonium in cooperation with other artistic genres such as  video art, graphic or dance. 


Pichler is multi-instrumentalist and plays Trautonium, Mixture-Trautonium, classical guitar, renaissance lute, e-guitar, piano, trumpet, tuba, french horn, steel guitar, violin, chromatic harp, turntable, bass, percussion, theremin, sitar, zither, accordion, fender rhodes, saw,, harpsichord, cello, banjo, al ud, church organ, wurlitzer, e-piano.





 03rd June 17: Trautonium Concert




25th June 17: World Premiere "Germany 2071" Impulse theatre-festival, Köln


30th  June + 02nd July 17: Mix Match

Transformation Theater for everyone from 4 years.



30th Sept. 17: "Salomé" Live, Potsdam



20th Oct. 17: Trautonium Concert, Munich


26th Oct. 17: LAB.30 Festival; Augsburg


30th Oct. 17: "The Birds" Hitchcock, Halle


6th Nov. 17: "Salomé", Ruffini, Munich